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A Rare Complication Of Bipolar Esophageal Exclusion: Esophageal Mucocele
Jonathan A. Nitz, MD1, Charles T. Bakhos, MD2, Roman V. Petrov, MD2, Abbas E. Abbas, MD3.
1Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2Temple University Health, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 3Brown Surgical Associates, Providence, RI, USA.

BACKGROUND: This is a case report of an iatrogenic esophageal injury and the subsequent treatment course.
METHODS: A retrospective chart review of the patientís medical and surgical history was performed.
RESULTS: After a robotic hiatal hernia, the patient suffered an esophageal leak and was surgically treated with esophageal diversion, wide drainage of the chest, decortication due to empyema, and retrosternal gastric conduit for esophageal reconstruction. She suffered a rare complication of an esophageal mucocele that required resection. All these procedures were completed with minimally invasive techniques.
CONCLUSIONS: Esophageal mucocele is a rare complication of bipolar esophageal exclusion. Its treatment can be completed with minimally invasive methods.

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