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First-in-man Experience Of Holographic Rendering To Aid Heart Surgery
Ilias Skaltsiotis, Gao Yujia, Winn Maung, Guohao Chang, Jai Sule, Laszlo Kiraly, Theodoros Kofidis.
National University Hospital Singapore, Singapore, Singapore.

BACKGROUND: We present a video of virtual reality holography guided incision placement for 3 types of minimally invasive cardiac (MICS) surgeries
METHODS: Cases of endoscopic aortic valve replacement, multi-vessel coronary artery bypass surgery and pulmonary valve replacement were chosen. 3-dimensional reconstruction of preoperative high resolution computed tomography images were used to construct a holographic display using a virtual reality toolkit. The holograms were superimposed onto the surgically prepped patient on the operating table using surface landmarks. RESULTS: It was possible to determine the optimal incision sites in all cases as well as anticipate potential anatomic difficulties. Better exposure improved efficacy and ergonomics of surgery
CONCLUSIONS: Holographic rendering may facilitate MICS cardiac surgery through more accurate smaller incisions

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