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The Multicurve Suture Needle Is A Clever Tool For Off-pump Cabg: Many Facets Explained
Vijit K. Cherian, Gopal Murugesan, Ravi Shivdasani.
MIOT International Hospital, Chennai, India.

Beating heart CABG has proved to be a major progress in the performance of surgical revascularization, making many co-morbidities less challenging, and hence leading to safer and better outcomes. Amongst the many equipments used to achieve the beating heart technique, the multicurve needle for suturing distal and proximal coronary anastomoses proves to be a useful addition to the many tools a surgeon needs to achieve revascularization while not using a cardiopulmonary bypass circuit. The clever and ergonomic design of the multicurve needle is explained in detail to help negotiate difficult technical situations during the anastomosis. The manoeuvrability of the needle also leads to shorter anastomoses suturing time which further helps the surgeon overcome challenging situations in a deft manner. Technical surgical details of the suturing technique using this needle have been elucidated in this presentation.

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