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Results of Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery at Thongnhat Hospital
Que K. Do
Thong Nhat Hospital, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam.

Background: Minimal invasive cardiac surgery (MICS) has been proven being benificial for recently decades. We have started MICS for ASD closure and resection left atrial myxoma since July 2018 in Thongnhat hospital. The aims of this study to access the results of MICS in our hospital. Method: We collect all of patients who underwent MICS in Thongnhat hospital from 7/2018 to 2/2020. Results: There are 12 patients underwent minimally invasive cardiac surgery, including 10 ASD closure and 02 resection of left atrial myxoma. Mean age was 44.2 4.5. Male to female ratio was 1:1. All patients were intubate with selective bronchial tube. CPB with separated IVC and SVC canulae installed from femoral vein and internal jugular vein. Mean CPB time was 98.6 13.6 minutes (range 70 - 155). Mean cross aortic clamp time was 44,2 6,8 minutes (range 0 - 88), beating heart ASD closure in 05 cases.Conclusions: MICS is safe and effective method for closure ASD and resection of left atrial myxoma. The outcomes are satisfactory with low morbidity and no mortality.

Operation characteristics
Mean (range)min.
Operation time330.2 (180-354)
CPB time98.8 (70-155)
Aortic clamp time44.2 (0 -88)

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