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A Comparison Of Operative Outcomes Between Single-port And Multi-port Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery In Lobectomy
Omchai Rattananont, Charat Wongwaipijarn, Natsukrit Nawaratthara.
Central Chest Institute of Thailand, Nonthaburi, Thailand.

BACKGROUND: Single-port video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS ) had been performed in South-east Asia countries in several years. However, the outcomes of the single-port VATS are still under investigation whether it has comparable efficacy and safety versus multi-port VATS. We had retrospectively reviewed the surgical outcomes of single-port versus multi-port VATS in pulmonary lobectomy to validate its efficacy and safety.
METHODS: From January 2015 - May 2018, 130 patients who underwent VATS at Central Chest Institute of Thailand . 68 single- port and 62 multi-port were retrospectively reviewed. Patients were classified into two groups, single-port and multi-port VATS. Patient characteristics and perioperative outcome were analysed and compared.
RESULTS: There were no significant differences in patient characteristics among two groups. Single-port group had lower Pain Numeric Rating Scale at 24 hrs (p=0.022) and shorter length of hospital stay (p=0.044) than the Multi-port group. The number of N2 lymph nodes retrieved in single-port group was significantly higher than Multi-port group (p=0.022) while another surgical outcome was not significantly different. There were no significant differences in intraoperative , postoperative complication (p= 0.338 and p=0.142, respectively) and no perioperative mortality between two group.
CONCLUSIONS: Single-port VATS is associated with less pain, shorter hospital stay and higher retrieval number of N2 while maintaining similar intraoperative and postoperative complication. Our experience showed that single-port VATS is effective and better approach when compare to multi-port VATS

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