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Biportal Complete Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Redo Resection Of Recurrent Left Atrial Myxoma
Shengli Jiang, Sr., MD.
The Chinese PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China.

Background: Left Atrial Myxoma may recur after surgery by sternotomy. Methods:Two ports in right chest was used to perform complete video-assisted thoracoscopic recurrent left atrial myxoma resection on beating heart. The cannulas were placed in femoral artery, femeral vein and internal jugular vein. The venous cannula was placed in jugular vein using sedingger technique. Results: One patient with recurrent left atrial myxoma was successfully operated on by two ports in right chest. The cardiopulmonary bypass time was 40mins. The patient was extubated 6 hours after surgery, chest drainage volume was 100 ml on postoperatvie 1. Conclusions: Biportal complete video-assisted thoracoscopic sugery for recurent left atrial myxoma is safe, feasible, and reproducible operations.

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