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Sutureless Bioprostheses - The Barts Experience
Amir Sepehripour, Damian Balmforth, Umar Hamid, Shyamsunder Kolvekar, Neil Roberts, Wael Awad, John Yap, Kit Wong, Rakesh Uppal, Kulvinder Lall.
Barts Heart Centre, London, United Kingdom.

Background - Our goal was to provide an analysis of our experience and results with the use of sutureless bioprostheses.
Methods - We retrospectively analysed records from February 2014 till December 2018. Data was extracted from electronic case notes and local surgical database, including pre-operative demographics, EuroSCORE, operative details and post-operative haemodynamic profiles on echocardiography and major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events.
Results - We performed 181 cases, mean age was 76.24.7, mean logistic EuroSCORE was 9.43.4, mean EuroSCORE2 was 4.62.8. The operations performed were isolated AVR in 102 (56%), AVR+CABG in 56 (31%) and AVR+MVR+/-CABG in 23 (13%). AVR was performed via hemi-sternotomy in 20 (19.6%) and right anterior thoracotomy in 24 (23.5%) cases. Mean cardiopulmonary bypass and aortic cross clamp times were 99.411.3 and 69.310.2 in the overall cohort and 73.29.5 and 45.78.5 in the isolated AVR group. There were 8 (4.4%) in-hospital mortalities, 2 (1.1%) cerebrovascular accidents and 6 (3.3%) permanent pacemaker insertions. Post-operative valve gradients were 9.742.3mmHg (mean) and 18.58.5mmHg (peak), with an incremental reduction with increasing prosthesis size. There were 5 (2.8%) mild and 7 (3.9%) trivial paravalvular leaks on post-operative echocardiography. The mean length of hospital stay was 5.84.2 days. These outcomes were comparable or superior to an equivalent cohort undergoing conventional sutured AVR.
Conclusions - Our results demonstrate the excellent safety and haemodynamic performance of sutureless bioprostheses in this patient cohort as well as their use in the development of a minimally invasive program.

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