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Minimally Invasive Surgery For Cardiac Myxomas Single Center Experience
Muradym Murzagaliyev, Yermagambet Kuatbayev, Darkhan Suigenbayev, Shaimurat Tulegenov.
National Research Cardiac surgery center, Astana, Kazakhstan.

Background -this study presents the results of surgical treatment of myxoma by a minimally invasive method. Methods - between June 2016 and November 2018, a total of 12 consecutive patients (aged 35 5.1 years, range 21-42 years) underwent atrial myxoma resection through video-assisted mini-thoracotomy in our hospital. In 90% of all cases, the jugular, femoral veins were cannulated. Femoral artery cannulated in all cases. Results - the average time cardiopulmonary bypass time was 65 minutes, average aortic cross-clamping time was 45 minutes. in 8 cases, the myxoma proceeded from the atrial septum, in 4 cases it was with a transition to the wall of the left atrium, which required additional surgical treatment of the left atrium. No early postoperative complications were observed. The patient stay in the hospital averaged 6 days. In the long-term period, all patients underwent echocardiography, there was no return of the tumor. Conclusions - minimally invasive resection of myxoma with right-sided mini - thoracotomy shows good results in the long-term period.

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