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J Sternotomyavr. Standard Versus Rapid Deploymant Aortic Valve Bioprostheses
Elchanan Zuroff, Eilon Ram, Ahmad Abu Jama, Boris Orlov, Alexander Lipey, Leonid Sternik, Ehud Raanani.
Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel.

OBJECTIVE:Our aim was to compare the clinical and echocardiographic outcomes between patients who received standard sutured bioprosthesis to those who underwent rapid-deployment bioprosthesis implantation, both through a J-sternotomy approach.
METHODS: Since 2014, 170 consecutive patients underwent isolated AVR through J-sternotomy. Of them, 109 patients underwent rapid deployment (RD) implantation and 61 patients received a standard sutured bioprosthesis (STD). The two groups were compared for earlyand midterm clinical and echocardiographic outcomes.
RESULTS:In the RD group patients where significantly older 7310 years compared to 6412 in the STD group (p=0.01) and had significantly higher prevalence of females (62% vs 30%, p=0.01). Otherwise There were no significant differences in comorbidities, mean NYHA score, or echocardiographic features between the two groups. The mean Bypass times (6620 min vs 7816, p=0.01) and mean cross clamp times (4513 min vs 6013, p=0.01) were shorter in the RD group. There was one early mortality in the RD group and non in the STD (p=1.0), and there was no difference in other major early complications(CVA, TIA, Dialysis, IABP)between the groups. 10 patients (9%) in the RD group required permanent pacemaker implantation vs non in the STD group (p=0.015). However, In the last year after changing the implantation techniques of the RD implantation no patient required a pacemaker.At mid-term follow-up (1517 months) there were no significant differences in late death (5% vs 4%, p=0.3), functional class, EF (5810% vs 614%, p=0.3) or trans- aortic mean peak gradients (2212 vs 218, p=0.4) in the RD and the STD group respectively
CONCLUSIONS:In general, both RD and STD bioprosthesis implantation via J-sternotomy provide similar outcomes. In RD bioprosthesis implantation particular surgical technique measures should be used for the reduction in the need for post-operative permanent pacemaker.

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