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use of hydrogen peroxide and povidine iodine in intra pleural wash
Narendra Agarwal1, shaiwal khandelwal1, Ruchi Girotra2, Kamran Ali1, Mohd Fauzi1, Ali Zamir Khan1.
1medanta the medicity, gurgaon, India, 2SHKM Govt. medical college, gurgaon, India.

OBJECTIVE: Surgical site infection is a serious complication of surgery. The article is to determine the efficacy of using povidone-iodine and hydrogen peroxide irrigation to prevent surgical site infection .
METHODS: 1235 patients underwent complex thoracic resections from sept 2010- sept 2015.Majority of resections were of infective etiology.use of intra pleural 10 percent povidone iodine mixed with 30ml of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide Mixture diluted in normal saline was used for irrigation post resection
RESULTS: Surgical site infection was noted in 13/1235 patients. Majority of surgical site infection was in patients mdr tuberculosis . 2 patients had arrhythmia . both were cases of hydatid cyst. Combination used was a good haemostat especially chest wall ooze, Post complex adhesiolysis.. post operatively no patient showed any signs of complication
CONCLUSIONS: Use of hydrogen peroxide and povidine iodine in the intrapleuralwas is safe and we recommend the use of combination in the infective etiology as it prevents surgical site infection and acts as a good haemostat post chest wall adhesiolysis.

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