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Robotic Mitral Valve Repair: Mid-term Follow-up Results
Changqing Gao, Huajun Zhang, Ming Yang, Cangsong Xiao, Yao Wang, Gang Wang.
PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China.

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  • Robotic mitral valve repair: Mid-term follow-up results

Robotic mitral valve repair: Mid-term follow-up results
Changqing Gao1*, Huajun Zhang1, Ming Yang1, Cangsong Xiao1, Yao Wang1, Gang Wang1
1Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, PLA General Hospital, Beijing, 100853, China
*corresponding author Tel: +86 10 68299399. Email:
To summarize our surgical experience with robotic mitral valve repair and demonstrate the follow-up results out to 7 years.
From 2007 to 2014, 110 consecutive patients underwent robotic mitral valve repair with da Vinci Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical, USA) in our center. The patients’ average age was 45±13 (14 to 70) years with male to female ratio of 2.3:1. Mitral regurgitation (95.5%) or stenosis (4.5%) was diagnosed. The triangular or quadrangular resection was the most performed type of repair (63.3%). Nitinol U-clips (58.1%), running suture (31.1%), and Cor-KnotTM suture device (LSI Solutions, Victor, NY) (10.8%) were used to secure the annuloplasty ring. The operative data were collected and patients were echocardiographically followed regularly up to 7 years.
All cases were performed by the same surgeon. One case of conversion to sternotomy was noted. The mean CPB time was 121.±34.3 (range, 70 to 152) minutes, and the mean cross-clamp time was 82.6±25.3 (range, 47 to 122) minutes. After surgery, one death (0.91%) happened and two cases of transient neurocognitive defect (1.82%) occurred. Three cases of early prosthetic failure (2.73%) were noticed. All patients were successfully followed for a median of 4.1 (range, 1 month to 7 years) years and 94.5% had freedom of re-operation.
Robotic mitral valve repair is a safe and effective procedure with excellent intermediate term outcomes.
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