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Is there clinical benefit in 12mm single port surgery in spontaneous pneumothorax?
Mi Hyoung Moon2, Hyun woo Jeon1, Young-du Kim1, Sook Whan Sung2.
1Bucheon St. mary's hospital, Bucheon, Korea, Republic of, 2Seoul St. mary's hospital, Seoul, Korea, Republic of.

OBJECTIVE: In recent years, Thoracic surgeons have attempted single port surgery and single port surgery is expected less pain and early recovery. However, the benefits are unclear. The purpose of this study was to determine the benefits of 12mm of single port surgery in spontaneous pnuemothorax.
METHODS: The 86 patients in primary spontaneous pneumothorax treated by surgery were reviewed retrospectively between July 2013 and May 2015. Visual analog scale, paresthesia and clinical outcomes were reviewed (46 patients: three-port VATS, 40 patients: 12mm of single port).
RESULTS: The mean age was 23.4 years in three-port VATS and 22.4 in single port (p=0.247). The height and body weight was not significant difference between two groups. The mean operation time was 39 minutes in three-port VATS and 37.3 in single port without difference (p=0.204). The visual analog scale scores was not significant difference at the immediate postoperative status, 8h and 16h (p=0.552, 0.687, 0.176). The pain score in single port surgery was significantly lower at 24h, 32h and 40h (p=0.028, 0.008, 0.011). The postoperative hospital stay was significantly longer in three port surgery (p< 0.001). However, the pain score was not difference 1 week after discharge.
CONCLUSIONS: The pain score reduction was found 1 day after operation in single port group. However, the score is only improved by 1 point and the pain score was not difference 1 week after discharge. Considering young age in primary spontaneous pneumothorax, the benefit of single port surgery in spontaneous pneumothorax was minimal.

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