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VATS Resection Of Mediastino-cervical Thymic Cysts
Shaiwal Khandelwal, Kamran Ali, Narendra Agarwal, Ali Zamir Khan.
Medanta the Medicity, Gurgaon, India.

Background: It is very rare for a thymic cyst to manifest as a lateral neck swelling. It usually requires a cervical incision and a sternotomy for complete resection. We have a series of 3 pediatric patients who were managed by a combined mediastino-cervical approach using VATS and would share one such video.
Materials and Methods: Between August 2014 and May 2015, 3 pediatric patients (<10 years) presented in the out patient with intermittently appearing painless neck swelling especially upon coughing. All were diagnosed to have mediastino-cervical cysts and they underwent simultaneous resection of neck component by a transverse cervical incision and mediastinal component resection by VATS.
Results: All 3 cysts were left sided and their mediastinal component was seen arising from the substance of thymus gland. Mediastinal resections could be completed by VATS. Chest drains were removed on 1st POD in all patients. One patient developed left lower lobe atelectasis
Conclusion: The use of VATS for resection of mediastinal part of thymic cysts helps avoid a big sternotomy in these young group of patients, leading to a quicker and less painful recovery and gives better cosmesis.

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