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Evaluation of the efficacy of a novel medial adhesive, MAR VIVO-107, in a vessel burst pressure study
Pramod Kadaba Srinivasan, Kerstin Pawlowsky, Babette Koegel, René Tolba.
University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany.

OBJECTIVE: Invasive surgical procedures carry a high risk of bleeding. One of the main causes of bleeding is vascular damage. Our aim was to test the efficacy and adhesive properties of novel synthetic glue, MAR VIVO-107, in comparison to ligation, coagulation, and TachoSil (a fibrin patch).
METHODS: Arteries and Veins were freshly explanted from porcine. The vessels were sectioned into a desired length of 1cm. The cuts were sealed with MAR VIVO-107, Ligation, Coagulation or TachoSil. The vessels were then connected to an infusion pump. Physiological saline was pumped into the vessels at a constant flow (99mL/h) and the opposite ends of the vessels were ligated. The maximum pressure at which the vessels burst was recorded using a digital pressure meter. The results were documented and statistically analysed using 1-way ANOVA and Tukey’s post-hoc test
RESULTS: (mean±SEM: MAR VIVO-107 vs. Ligation vs. Coagulation vs. TachoSil). MAR VIVO-107 showed superior sealing performance in comparison to TachoSil. The results of MAR VIVO-107 were comparable to that of Coagulation, which is the clinical standard for haemostasis during laparoscopic surgery. The mean venous pressure was assumed to be 20-25 mmHg; whereas, MAR VIVO-107 (150±56.14 mmHg) showed numerically higher values compared to TachoSil (19±4.07 mmHg); however, Ligation (620±136 mmHg) was significantly stronger compared to the other groups. Meanwhile, the mean systolic arterial pressure is 120 mmHg; MAR VIVO-107 (334±130.63 mmHg) provided sufficient and safe sealing for a pressure, which is two folds higher than the normal. TachoSil (21±3 mmHg) and MAR VIVO-107 were significantly lower compared to ligation (1196±173 mmHg).
CONCLUSIONS: MAR VIVO-107 showed an efficient, strong and reliable sealing under high pressure in comparison to TachoSil.

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