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Low incidence of Cerebral Microembolization during Convergent Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation
borut gersak1, Katarina Surlan Popovic2, Marta Cvijic3, Bor Antolic3, Tine Prolic Kalinsek4, Matevz Jan4.
1University of Ljubljana, Department of Cardiovascular Sugery, UMC Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2Department of Intervantional Radiology, UMC Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 3Department of Cardiology, UMC Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 4Department of Cardiovascular Sugery, UMC Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

OBJECTIVE: Assesing the rate of cerebral microembolization (CM) during the convergent procedure (CP) for treatment of atrial fibrillation.
METHODS: A prospective study included 22 consecutive patients [age 58.9±6 years, 68.2% (15/22) male] that underwent hybrid CP for treatment of paroxysmal AF. Patients received intravenous heparin to reach the ACT of at least 300 seconds before the transseptal punctures. Magnetic resonance scans (diffusion weighted and FLAIR) were performed the day before and the day after the procedure. Presence of new cerebral ischaemic lesions was assessed.
RESULTS: Just one patient (4.5%, 1/22) had two new ischaemic cerebral lesions (diameter 1-2 mm) and was without any clinically detectable neurologic deficit.
CONCLUSIONS: Incidence of periprocedural CM in patients with paroxysmal AF undergoing CP is low.

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