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Clinical Outcomes of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Pectus Excavatum Deformity: A Beginner-Level Center Experience
Serdar Evman, Talha Dogruyol, Levent Alpay, Hakan Kıral, Serda Kanbur, Aysun Kosif Misirlioglu, Cansel Atinkaya, Cagatay Tezel, Volkan Baysungur, Irfan Yalcinkaya.
Sureyyapasa Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.

OBJECTIVE: Pectus excavatum is the most common congenital chest wall deformity. Aim of this study was to share our initial outcomes with minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum (MIRPE), which has recently been gaining popularity worldwide.
METHODS: Medical files of all patients undergoing MIRPE between August 2007 and December 2015 were reviewed retrospectively in terms of patient demographics and postoperative complications.
RESULTS: Total of 65 patients (14 female, 51 male), with a mean age of 18.2 (range: 9 to 35) underwent 73 operations. Two patients required longer bar placement after 8 and 14 months, respectively. Five patients necessitated revision due to bar flipping/dislocation, and 1 patient underwent exploratory video-thoracoscopy for bleeding, originating from an intercostal artery. Small-bore (8ch) pleural catheter was placed to 8 patients with postoperative pneumothorax. Pneumonia and local incision dehiscence were the other morbidities seen in one patient, each. Only 1 pneumothorax requiring drainage and 1 of the 5 malposition cases occurred during the last 3 years, in 34 patients. No mortality was seen in the group.
CONCLUSIONS: Despite relatively high re-do and complication rates, our trend of these have shown great improvement, especially in the last few years. As an apprentice clinic for this minimally invasive and cosmetic technique, we believe that the learning-curve has been passed with reasonable results, and will surely obtain better clinical outcomes with gained experience.

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