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Endovascular Repair Of Peripheral Arterial Disease: Mid-Term Results From A Single Center
Kemal Korkmaz1, Hikmet Selcuk Gedik1, Ali Baran Budak1, Serdar Gunaydin1, Kerim Cagli2.
1Numune Training & Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey, 2Yuksek Ihtisas Training & Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey.

OBJECTIVE: 1000 patients who underwent endovascular repair in five-year period were studied retrospectively to evaluate technical success, freedom from reinterventions, and early clinical outcome.
METHODS: Mean Rutherford class was 4.086±0.8. 755 patients suffered from claudication, 423 from rest pain and 169 from ischemic ulceration. Angiographic lesions are listed in Table.
RESULTS: 552 men and 448 women (mean: 69.8±8 years; range, 19-89 years) underwent endovascular repair. 698 patients received local anesthesia and 302 general anesthesia. Interventions were as follows: 210 predilatations, 294 single atherectomies, 116 atherectomy+surgery, 132 atherectomy+PTA+surgery, 129 atherectomy+PTA+stent+surgery and 121 postdilatations. Mean additional PTA rate was 3.6±2.2 144 wired and 448 drug-eluting balloons were used. 155 self expandable, 67 balloon expandable, 33 bare stents, 110 stent grafts were placed. The procedure was successful in 847 patients (84%). There was no early death. There were 151 early occlusions (95 underwent surgery, 56 received stents), 121 dissections (39 underwent surgery, 56 received stents and 26 medical treatment), 32 hematoma and 13 early leaks. Mean Rutherford class improved to 3.02±0.9. Freedom from reintervention rate at five years was 76%. 63 patients underwent surgery and 59 cellular therapy. 134 finger, 142 below-knee and 29 above-knee amputations were reported
CONCLUSIONS: Endovascular interventions can be performed with high technical success and low complication rates; however, nonfatal complications and catheter-based reinterventions are frequent.
Table: Preoperative Lesions
Iliac ArteryCommon Femoral ArterySuperficial Femoral ArteryPopliteal ArteryTibioperoneal TrunkPeroneal ArteryAnt. Tibial ArteryPost. Tibial Artery
Total Occlusion32989010830483244

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