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Single port versus multiport VATS lobectomy : perioperative outcomes
Yun JiHyong, Jr..
Kwangju Christian Hospital, GwangJu, Korea, Republic of.

Title: Single port versus multiport VATS lobectomy : perioperative outcomes
Author:JiHyong Yuna,*
aDepartment of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Kwangju Christian Hospital, GwangJu, South Korea
*Corresponding author. Address: Department of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery, Kwangju Christian Hospital, Yangnim-dong, Nam-gu, Gwangju, 503-715, South Korea
Tel: +82-062-6505159; fax: +82-062-6505116; e-mail: (J.H. Yun)
Keyword: 1. Single port, 2. Lobectomy, 3.VATS
Object :Single port Lobectomy is less traumatic and may expect a lower postoperative pain rather than multi- portVATS lobectomy. In this study we analyzed perioperative outcomes of single port and multi-port VATS lobectomy
Method: We analyzed retrospectively 19 consecutive patients undergoing VATS lobectomy for lungcancers(n=15) or inflammatory lungs(n=4) from December 2013 to November 2015. Variables included age, gender, operation time,intensity of pain(assessed by VAS score), medication, and hospital stay.
Result :The operation type were 6 single port lobectomies and 13 multi-port lobectomies. Persistent air leak occurred in 1patients with multi-port VATS. There were no significant difference in VAS score(S=1.83;M=2.53), the median duration of IV PCA(S=4days;M=4.2days) and additional injection(S=2.8times;.M=1.3times). Mean hospital stay has been 8.3days(S=6.8days;M=9.0days)
Conclusion: Single port VATS lobectomy may be feasible for lung cancers and inflammatory lungs. But further investigation is necessary.
Single portMulti-portp-value
PCI duration(days)
IV injection(times)2.8(0~7)1.4(0~4)0.248
Hospital stay(Days)6.8(4~9)9.3(5~22)0.156
VAS score1.83(1~3)2.53(1~5)0.151

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