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LUL anterior segmentectomy guided by preoperative lipiodol marking
Samina Park, Yoo H. Hwang, In K. Park, Chang H. Kang, Young T. Kim.
Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Republic of.

OBJECTIVE: Persistent partly solid ground glass nodule (GGN) requires surgical resection, and VATS segmentectomy is often preferred method.
METHODS: However, when the lesion is deeply seated or located close to the intersegmental plane, it is difficult to determine an accurate resection plane which guarantees an adequate margin.
RESULTS: In this video, we will be presenting a case of successful LUL anterior segmentectomy performed for a persistent partly solid GGN using a preoperative lipiodol marking technique.
CONCLUSIONS: Preoperative lipiodol localization technique enables us to perform complex segmentectomies in non-palpable GGN lesions.

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