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Video-assisted thoracic surgery bilobectomy with bronchoplasty for non-small cell lung cancer
Jae Hyun Jeon, MD, Yoohwa Hwang, MD, Hye-seon Kim, MD, In Kyu Park, MD, PhD, Chang Hyun Kang, MD, PhD, Young Tae Kim, MD, PhD.
Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Republic of.

OBJECTIVE: This report describes a case report of bilobectomy with wedge bronchoplasty via video-assisted thoracosopic surgery (VATS).
METHODS: The patient was placed in the left lateral decubitus position. The pleural cavity was explored by VATS. Because there was suspicion of extra-nodal invasion to the right bronchus intermedius by metastatic subcarinal lymph nodes, bilobectomy with wedge bronchoplasty was performed by adjusting different sizes between the right main and upper lobe bronchus using 4-0 monofilament absorbable material.
RESULTS: A 62-year-old asymptomatic woman was admitted to our hospital with suspicion of non-small cell lung cancer. A computed tomography of chest revealed a spiculated nodule in right lower lobe, as well as subcarinal lymph node enlargement. Subsequent biopsy revealed an adenocarcinoma with subcarinal lymph node involvement. The patient underwent bilobectomy with wedge bronchoplasty via VATS, and was discharged 8 days after operation without any complications.
CONCLUSIONS: VATS bilobectomy with wedge bronchoplasty is a feasible and safe technique of restoring the bronchial tree architecture.

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