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Robotic Assisted Lobectomy for Early Stage Lung Cancer
M. Moslemi, D. Nguyen, C. Garagozlo, B. Rawashdeh, M. Meyer, B. Tempesta, R. Poston, F. Gharagozloo
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA.

Objective: Lobectomy for early stage lung cancer can be performed by open thoracotomy, thorascopy, or robotic surgery. Robotic lobectomy has developed over the past decade, and is a feasible and safe technique. We report the largest series to date of patients who underwent robotic lobectomy.
Methods: From January 2004 to July 2013, we reviewed patients that underwent robotic lobectomy was performed. From this cohort, patients who had early stage lung cancer were included.
Results: 168 patients underwent robotic lobectomy for early stage lung cancer. There were 76 men and 92 women, mean age 66+/- 10 years. Lobectomies were right upper 44, middle 24, and lower 32; left upper 49 and lower 27; lingulectomies 11, and bi-lobectomies 11. Mean operating time was 201 +/- 58 minutes. Tumor type was adenocarcinoma 108, squamous cell carcinoma 33, adenosquamous carcinoma 9, bronchoalveolar 14, large cell 4, poorly differentiated 2, carcinoid 7. Pathologic upstaging was noted in 29/168 (17%). There was no emergent conversion to open and no intraoperative death. Postoperative mortality was 1.7%. There was one death among the last 148 patients. Total morbidity was 23%. Median hospital stay was 6 days.
Conclusions: Robot-assisted lobectomy is feasible and safe for patients with early stage lung cancer. Robot-assistance facilitates excellent nodal and vascular dissection. Following the initial experience this procedure is associated with low morbidity, low mortality, short hospital stay.

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