Countdown to ISMICS 2018: 53 Days  
International Society For Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery
Masters Day
Masters Day Overview | Thoracic Track Program | Cardiac Track Program

13:30 - 15:15
Minimally Invasive Robotic and Coronary Surgery: Session I
Moderators: Bob B. Kiaii, MD; University Hospital / LHSC / UWO, London, Canada
Richard Cook, MD; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
13.30 - 13.44
Subxiphoid LIMA to the LAD
Andy C. Kiser, MD
East Carolina Heart Institute at ECU, Greenville, NC
13.44 - 13.58
MIDCAB Direct Access LIMA
Mahesh K. Ramchandani, MD
Houston Methodist Hospital Houston, TX
13.58 - 14.12
Robotic MIDCAB
Francis P. Sutter, DO
Lankenau Medical Center Main Line Health, Wynnewood, PA
14.12 - 14.26
Hybrid Revascularization
Bob B. Kiaii, MD
University Hospital / LHSC / UWO, London, Canada
14.26 - 14.40
Complete Arterial Revascularization -Non-Sternotomy
14.40 - 14.50
Question and Answer
14.50 - 15.15
Panel Discussion: Should we be Aiming for MVST all Arterial Grafting or Hybrid Revascularization?
Bob B. Kiaii
Richard Cook
Andy C. Kiser
Mahesh K. Ramchandani
Francis P. Sutter
Mark Ruel
Husam H. Balkhy
15:15 - 15:45
Coffee Break
15.45 - 17:30
Minimally Invasive Robotic and Coronary Surgery: Session II
Moderators: Mark Ruel, MD, MPH; University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa, Canada
Husam H. Balkhy, MD; University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, IL
15.45 - 15.59
Multi-Vessel Left Thoracotomy CABG Video Presentation Live in the Box
Joseph T. McGinn, MD
Carolinas Healthcare, Charlotte, NC
15.59 - 16.13
Totally Endoscopic CABG
Nikolaos Bonaros, MD
Innsbruck Medical University, Innsbruck, Austria
16.13 - 16.27
Non Rib Spreading Mini CABG Utilizing 3-D Scope
16.27 - 16.41
Robotic TECAB Arrested Heart
Johannes Bonatti, MD
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Cleveland, OH
16.41 - 16.55
Robotic TECAB Beating Heart
Husam H. Balkhy, MD
University of Chicago College of Medicine, Chicago, IL
16.55 - 17.05
Question and Answer
17.05 - 17.25
Panel Discussion: Adult Learning in Cardiac Surgery: Making Robotic CABG More Widely Available
Mark Ruel
Husam H. Balkhy
Bob Kiaii
Richard Cook
Joseph T. McGinn
Nikolaos Bonaros
Johannes Bonatti