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Robotic Ligation of Thoracic Duct Pleurectomy for Chylothorax
Ali Zamir Khan, MS, FRCS (Glasg), FRCS(CTh), Shaiwal Khandelwal, MS, FIAGES, Sangeeta Khanna, MD, Tarun Piplani, MD, Dheeraj Gautum, MD, Rajnish Kumar, MBBS.
Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaon, India.

We present a video of Robotic Ligation of Thoracic Duct and Pleurectomy for Chylothorax
Methods: An 83-year-old male patient presented with recurrent bilateral chylothorax following a diagnosis of chronic lymphoid leukemia. Conservative treatment had been continued for 6 weeks and had failed. We performed a robotic ligation of thoracic duct with pleurectomy. The thoracic duct was identified and ligated by tying with a suture and clipping. The Thoracic duct was then disconnected. A Robotic pleurectomy was performed on the right side and a VATS pleurectomy was done on the left side.
The drains were removed on 4th postoperative day. The patient was discharged home the following day.
Robotic ligation of thoracic duct is technically feasible. The robotic technique allows you good dexterity to dissect and tie the duct. In addition a pleurectomy can also be performed easily.

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